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    Volunteers at Ringgold are now required to have Volunteer ID Badges.  The link below is a letter from the Superintendent with information explaining the two types of volunteers and the necessary clearances for each type.  The waiver can only be used if you have (1) lived in PA for the past 10 years and (2) do NOT plan to do any field trips.  The Child Abuse and State Criminal Check are free for volunteers.  The FBI Fingerprints have a fee of $24.25.
    Keep in mind your clearances will be good for 5 years.
    In addition, links to the necessary websites are listed below also.
    Appointments for badges can be made by calling the Administration Office
    at (724) 258-9329. 
    Please be aware that badges may take up to 7 days to produce  
    Ringgold's policy on Volunteers can be found on the website
    (Board of Education / School District Policy Manual / Section 916).
    Additional information regarding Act 153 can be found at the
    Department of Human Services website,