The Ringgold School District welcomes and values volunteers in our schools.  The information below will help you determine the type of clearances you will need in order to volunteer.

    Volunteers at Ringgold School District are now required to have a Volunteer ID Badge.  There are two types of volunteers:

    • ASSISTIVE - examples of an Assistive volunteer may include:  homeroom parents/guardians, individuals who volunteer to assist in planning or conducting classroom celebrations, assisting in a book fiar, concert/performance ushers, and individuals who help manage, officiate or perform functions ancillary to an athletic event or extracurricular activity.  Assistive volunteers may complete the Waiver Form in place of the FBI Fingerprint clearance IF they have lived in PA for the past 10 years.
    • INDEPENDENT - examples of an Independent volunteer may include:  volunteer tutors, chaperones for field trips (including overnight), and idividuals who volunteer to provide counseling or health-related services to students.  Indepdent voluneers MUST complete the FBI Fingerprint Clearance.

    School visitors do not need clearances or a volunteer badge.  A visitor is an individual who is attending and/or observing an event or activity without providing a service to the students, staff, or school/district operations, examples include, but are not limited to:  Parent/Teacher Conferences, School Assemblies/Concerts, Open House.

    To set up an appointment to turn in your clearances and have your photo taken for your volunteer badge, contact Nikki Mathews at the Central Office.
    (724) 258-9329 x1134 or nmathews@ringgold.org

    Ringgold's policy on Volunteers can be found on the district website, Board of Education, School District Policy Manual, Section 916.