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    Think Central


    Ringgold School District is providing your child access to online materials at the ThinkCentral web site. ThinkCentral is an all-in-one learning site that offers access to digital books, activities, readers, tutorials, and more that is used in conjunction with our GO MATH! series.

    The login for your child is his/her six digit lunch number, and the password is ringgold (all lower case).

    Follow these steps to access ThinkCentral:

    1.   Go to http://www-k6.thinkcentral.com

    2.   Select your state, district, and school

    3.   To make it easier to log in later, check Remember My Organization (Optional)

    4.   Enter your user name and password

    5.   Click Log In

     You can access this site through computers, tablets, and smart phones. You will want to install Google Chrome if you are currently using Internet Explorer (IE) as some of the tools will not function in IE. You can download Chrome for free by doing a search for it and following the installation instructions. 


    The information below will guide you in helping your child to answer Math responses on the PSSA or any open-ended Math problems that they encounter.

    This information is also available on the PDE website.