Board Policies

  • The Ringgold School District does a 1:1 computing initiative.  The district implements the program with each school years incoming Kindergarten class and any newly registered student.  What this means is that every incoming kindergarten student will receive a district issued Chromebook to complete assignments and research.  This will give a brief overview of how you and your student should care for this device.

    In order to protect and care for your Chromebook, we as a district recommend the following:

    • Please refrain from adding stickers or other decorative items that would alter its appearance
    • Do not tamper with the device
    • Do not hold the device by the screen
    • Always close the Chromebook before walking inside the classroom and in the hallways
    • Do not misplace the device/charger or loan it out
    • Use a microfiber cloth instead of any cleaning liquids when attempting to clean the device or it’s screen
    • Do not touch the screen with anything other than your finger
    • Always have a full charge for the school day
    • Do not keep your Chromebook stored in your backpack with your books
    • Do not put your notebooks, folders, pencils, etc. in between the keyboard and the screen
    • Keep food and drinks away from the Chromebook
    • Do not place heavy objects on top of the Chromebook
    • Do not use third party AC chargers as it may result in damaging the Chromebook and full cost of replacement

    Following the tips listed above will help ensure your student gets the most out of this exciting opportunity.  Keep in mind, these devices will service your child for years to come while attending Ringgold School District and are the property of the Ringgold School District.  Chromebooks will need to be returned to the district in the event that your student withdraws/leaves or graduates Ringgold School District. 

    In order to avoid any charges due to abuse or negligence, please remind your student to treat his/her device with respect.  Consequences for violation of any provision of the policies may result in any or all of the following:  revocation or suspension of the Chromebook privileges, discipline up to and including suspension or expulsion from school, incurring of fees for loss, theft, damage or destruction of/to the Chromebook, loss of participation credit for a course, and/or legal action.

    This Chromebook belongs to the Ringgold School District and is intended for the students individual school/district related use.  You and your child assume responsibility for the device during the course of the child’s school years at Ringgold School District.  Please read the Ringgold School District Chromebook policies and you are obligated to  abide by the terms and conditions of those guidelines and understand that violation of the provisions stated in the guidelines may result in disciplinary actions.

    Please read the district policy for Student Use of the Internet, understand that no matter how much supervision and monitoring the Ringgold School District provides, there is always the possibility that your student may come into contact with inappropriate material.  Because of First Amendment concerns, it is difficult to implement any form of monitoring system to filter everyone that might offend.  Notwithstanding this fact, recognize the importance of your student becoming technologically aware in an increasing technological society and you permit your student to use the Internet access provided by the Ringgold School District.

    The School Board Policies can be found on our website: (Departments, Technology, Chromebooks)

    School Board Policies:  815, 815.1, 823


    The district thanks you for your cooperation as we continue to advance our students in the use of technology in education.