• Educational Community

    Located in Washington County in southwestern Pennsylvania, Ringgold School District serves 2800 children in four schools: one high school, one middle school, and two elementary schools.

    Compristed of seven municipalities ranging from semi-urban to rural in nature, Ringgold School District thrives in an area rich with history, natural resources, and scenic beauty.  A tour of our three campuses will take you through a succession of rolling hills and small towns dotting the panoramic countryside of the Monongahela Valley.  The economy in this area is currently in transition from traditional industries to a center of technology and advanced manufacturing--with further professional opportunities provided by the school district, hospital, gas industry, and local businesses.  You might never guess that our District is located just 28 miles south of Pittsburgh at the juncture of two major interstates (I-79 and I-70).  This location makes us an ideal suburban community for many homeowners drawn to our recreational opportunities for boating, fishing, swimming, golfing and sports--as well as the strong neighborly spirit that characterizes our communities.

    The demographics of the area create a community that is educationally, economically, and culturally diverse--and this diversity drives our educational philosophy.  Our approach is rooted in Universal Design for Learning (UDL), a research-based framework for designing instruction that is accessible and effective for all.  Based on strong relationships, constant communication, meaningful collaboration, and data-based reflection, the "UDL classroom" goes beyond addressing curriculum standards to designing instruction that meets individual learner variability at its deepest level--including attributes like engagement, persistence, reflection and motivation as much as skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication.  Supported by initiatives such as Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports, Restorative Practices, Character Education, and one-to-one technology, UDL is at the heart of our classroom practices and professional development.

    As a result, Ringgold educators are lifelong learners who are committed to helping every child define their own path to becoming "expert learners": citizens who believe in their capacity for achievement, possess the motivation and skills to achieve their own vision of success, and have the flexibility to grow and change with the world around them.


    Preparing students today for the challenges of tomorrow.


    The Ringgold School District will develop students to become problem solvers, critical thinkers, effective communicators, technology users, and contributing members to a global workforce and society.  The school district will be a resource in providing state of the art facilities, technology and educational opportunities.  Student needs are based and driven around a challenging and rigorous curriculum allowing each student to reach their individual academic potential and goals.  The school district will be a leader in best practices and instructional techniques while applying cutting edge technology in the classroom.  The staff will be provided educational opportunities that target professional growth and development in twenty-first century skills and needs.  Administration and staff will be dedicated to the concept of developing each individual student as a well-rounded contributior to a growing global society.

    Shared Values

    The Ringgold School District believe that:

    • An individual can be a successful learner, when presented with an appropriate common core based Pennsylvania curriculum and research-based instruction.
    • Every student has unique attributes and skills which need to be developed and incorporated into their educational experiences.
    • Student learning is a life-long endeavor where students are equipped with skills allowing them to adapt and meet the challenges of this global economy and workplace.
    • Academic excellence will be achieved by our staff through quality instruction and applying best practices in their content areas through continuous focused staff development.
    • Students are the  stewards of our society and as such, we promote the attributes of ethical behavior, character development, and self-respect to foster responsible citizenship.
    • Effective leadership is an essential component for the application of instructional practices leading to the success of our educational progress and the proficient use of technology.